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Preform and Cap Making Machine


Clamping unit

5-point twin toggle clamping system by modular optimization software designing. Strong clamping with rapid and stable, to meet the strict clamping condition.

Mould height adjustment by hydraulic driven gear system with rapid and stable.

Automatic mould height adjustment as per the setting clamping force(optional)

 Injection unit

Balanced double injection cylinder technology makes screw to have evenly distributed force during fast injection.

Five-star Hydraulic motor with big torque.

Research and develop different screws according to different injection condition, suitable for the progressive demand and greatly improve the injection quality.

Control unit

Imported computer special for injection molding machine with multiple functions and precise processing.

World famous electrical components and high quality circuit hardware with stable and reliable running.

Variable oil pump injection molding machine

Upon our technology ability and advance international technology of variable pump, we research and develop the variable oil pump injection molding machine. This new type energy-saving machine provide more choice for clients and realize our enterprise responsibility.

Equipped with high efficient low noise and sensitive respond scaling variable pump, it makes the hydraulic output always match with system required power, without extra energy lose via high pressure throttling or overflow. Comparing with traditional machines with fixed oil pump, new machines can save 25%-60% energy. Meanwhile reduce the oil working temperature to lengthen its service life.

Save energy and protect environment, and gain the benefit of society an economic.

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